Terms and conditions

This document sets out the responsibilities of you the "User" and FM Tuition Group Ltd, "The Website", "Site", "We", "Us", trading as "Tuition House". It is a legally binding document that you must read, understand, and agree with in order to use this website. Your first reading of this document is deemed to be the first time you use the Site.

0. Definitions

0.1 A "User" is an individual using the Site and any and all of its associated products and services.

0.2 A "Tutor" is an individual registered with the Site with the intention of advertising their private tuition services.

0.3 A "Tutee" is an individual registered with the Site with the intention of seeking the services of one or more Tutors.

0.4 A "tuition request" otherwise referred to as a "tutoring request" is an explicit request submitted by a Tutee to a Tutor with the intention of securing their private tutoring services at an agreed price.

0.5 The "Tutor Introduction Fee" is a fee payable to the Site by the Tutee which is required for the release of a Tutor's personal contact details after explicit acceptance of the Tutee's tuition request by the Tutor.

1. General use of the Site

1.1 Users must be individuals. Corporations, partnerships, or any other incorporated entities are not permitted to register with the Site or use it.

1.2 Users must be at least eighteen years old. Users below the age of eighteen must ask a parent, legal guardian, or trusted party to register with the Site on their behalf.

1.3 Users agree that the Site's sole responsibility is to facilitate communication between users of the website.

1.4 Users agree that the Site has sole discretion to terminate any User's membership with the Site for any reason and at any time.

2. Private tutors

2.1 Users registering as private tutors "Tutors" are free to advertise their services on the Site.

2.2 Tutors must be self-employed, advertising their services on their own behalf, and not on behalf of an agency or other related third-party.

2.3 Tutors agree that the Site will only display publicly on the Site information that is voluntarily supplied by the Tutor to the Site, including but not limited to:

2.3.a First name. 2.3.b Rough location within the United Kingdom, including the first digits of the Tutor's postcode. 2.3.c The profile photograph, if any, uploaded by the Tutor to the Site.

2.4 Tutors agree that the Site may share their personal contact details with Tutees, only on the occasion that the Tutor and Tutee explicitly agree to the terms of a tuition request, and the Site is satisfied that the Tutee has paid a Tutor Introduction Fee.

2.5 Tutors may deny a tuition request from a Tutee at any time, permanently disabling any further communication between the Tutor and Tutee forever.

3. Tutees and parents

3.1 Users registering as tutees and parents "Tutees" may browse our directory of Tutors on the Site.

3.2 Tutees may search for Tutors in the region of a postcode, only those who have explicitly agreed to reasonably travel within a certain radius of their own homes.

3.3 Tutees agree and understand that the Site does not carry out any background checks, official or unofficial, on Tutors registered with the Site.

3.4 Tutees agree that responsibility for determining the suitability of a Tutor for a tuition arrangement lies solely with the Tutee and not with the Site.

3.5 Tutees agree that they contact Tutors at their own risk.

3.6 Tutees agree that Tutors have the right to deny any tuition requests by the Tutee, permanently disabling any further communication between the Tutor and Tutee forever.

3.7 Tutees agree that upon a Tutor's explicit acceptance of a tuition request submitted by the Tutee, that the Tutee is then responsible for paying a Tutor Introduction Fee.

4. Communications between members

4.1 Users agree to treat other Users with respect in any communication occurring on the Site.

4.2 Users may not exchange personal contact details before explicit agreement of a tutoring request by the Tutor and the Tutee.

4.3 Users agree that the Site's only responsibility is to facilitate communication between Users. Users agree that the Site will terminate the membership of Users breaching the rules of the Site insofar as the Site sees fit, but the Site is not responsible for communication that may cause Users distress or hurt feelings.

Users agree that the terms laid out in this document may change on occasions the Site deems fit. Users agree that their continued use of the Site is an implicit acceptance of any and all changes to this document.

FM Tuition Group Ltd is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, registration number 09894687. Registered address: Handsworth, Newcastle Road, Woore, CW3 9SN.