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We are a private tuition service in the UK, offering better prices and more freedom than any other tutoring website.

The purpose of this service is to match tutees with private tutors, and help both parties grow as a result.

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Why private tutoring?

Having a private tutor means having a knowledgeable person in a field giving you their time with personal one-on-one sessions. That level of service is highly valuable and a deeply helpful addition to standard classroom teaching.

What's so good about this website?

The two main benefits are personal freedom and our free service.

Joining the website, searching tutors near you, and contacting them, is completely free.

Also, we leave a lot of the negotiation on tutoring hours and times up to you and the tutor. You are very free and open to choose how you both want to do things. We just facilitate the communication for you.

When do I have to pay?

22/10/2016 - Until further notice, you don't! Tuition House is now completely free to use for the foreseeable future. Please disregard the below paragraphs.

Browsing the website and requesting tuition from tutors is free.

Once you and a tutor have communicated and agreed on the details, we require a tutor introduction fee between £4.99 and £14.99 based on the tutor's hourly rate.

We require this fee to release the tutor's contact details, which assures tutors that tutee requests are genuine and serious.

Compare this straightforward, predictable, and honest fee with more expensive agencies which charge up to 50% of a tutor's fees and put loads of pressure on both parties for more business.

With Tuition House you will save money, and you will have more personal freedom to do things the way you want.

You can use this tool below to calculate the tutor introduction fee we'd require for a tutor with a given hourly rate: